Project : Supportershop

Supportershop was an eCommerce project which I was the lead developer for while I was working at SEM Solutions. The owners of the Supportershop franchise engaged us to take their three franchises sites and unify them into one. The new site is powered by PHP5, Smarty, MySQL and some detailed virtual host configuration for Apache.

The Supportershop homepage

The database schema was completed redesigned and normalized. Then each of the current site's databases was imported into the new unified database. The backend administration was completely rebuilt to fit the new database schema and to be more efficient but the original footprint was kept. The modifications to the database and backend admin area allowed the franchise owners to now enter various product information once rather than once for each franchise site. The individual managers of each franchise could then translate the data for their locale.

A Supportershop product page

The frontend of the site was completely rebuilt but the original footprint was kept. The original franchise sites each had their own installation of the original store code with some alterations for content and internationalization. Our rebuilt frontend took into account these variances so that each franchise site is now powered by an identical code base and there is only one installation for all the franchise sites. This was in part made possible by some clever work within the Apache virtual host configuration. The franchise managers can manage the internationalization of frontend content as they site fit.

The Supportershop shopping basket

Supportershop was also integrated with a popular web-based mailing list manager, a LivePerson style live chat support system and Google Analytics. The store is integrated with several popular merchant gateways to allow for the different online trading restrictions throughout Europe. While the store features a powerful internationalization engine to allow for translation of content for each franchise territory, the store also features a powerful mutli-currency pricing engine.