Project : Beachcroft Hotel

The Beachcroft Hotel project was a website I worked on as a key developer while working at SEM Solutions. It is the home site of a hotel called the Beachcroft which located in Felpam. The site is built on top of the popular Drupal content management framework which uses PHP and a MySQL database.

The Beachcroft Hotel homepage

The hotel is a Best Western hotel and as such the design effort required that the Best Western branding guidelines were met. The site is integrated with the BBC whether feed for the area but presented in a custom fashion to be in keeping with the site's footprint and branding guidelines.

The site is also integrated with a popular web-based hotel booking engine which was selected by the Beachcroft Hotel. Much work went into formatting the booking form generated by JavaScript supplied by the booking engine, so that it fits the formatting of the rest of the site.